Looking Into The Sun
Group Exhibit
Long Beach, LA. CA.

Dec. 12 - Jan. 09 2010

About the Exhibit

The rumors are true. DDR Projects will be holding its final exhibit at its current location this December. And what an exhibit it's going to be. Without a doubt this will be the most important and relevent exhibit in Long Beach history. Looking into the Sun is a confluence of art and ideas from around the world that transcends genres, mediums and demographics. It features some of the most important working artists of our time.

There are over 60 artists, mostly comprised of those who have supported the gallery over the past two years. The remaining artists were asked by the gallery and its friends to participate in this historic exhibit out of respect and support of Long Beach's only contemporary art gallery and the City's most important art gallery of all time.

Artist Roster

Rotor, Zosen, Roope Alho, Saddo, Maciej Wodniak, Fefe Talavera, Melina Rodrigo, Lindsay Campbell, Kenji Toyooka, Howie Tsui, Maria Lezon, Stefan Thompson, Zeke, Scott Harber, Dietrich Rosteck, Drew Mosley, Jeremy McConnell, Pierre Richardson, Dave Cooper, Kari Cwynar, Sara Cwynar, Batya Cavens, Aaron LaShomb, Luke Ramsey, Dario Petruzzi, eepmon, James Erdeg, Stephanie Page’, Carl Ruttan, Isabelle Pouliot, Bruno Souliere, Dixon / Royal, Pedro Cuevas, Sarah McNeil, Bennett Slater, Remi Theriault, Chris Sheppard, Taka Sudo (TiFdyL), Sebastian Millar, Anna MacLellan, Melvyn Herrick, Nick Deakin, Paul Sharp, Brian Watson, Sandow Birk, Jeff McMillan, Anita Sinclair, Marisa Sayler, Melissa Devine, John Culqui, Danica Ristow, Jay Sagen, Jane Bauman, Anthony Gordon, Iaian Greenson, Ibie, Amy Thompson, Mark Leysen, Elyse Pignolet, Hilary Norcliffe, Rob Kruse, Sue Blanchard, Brooke Kent, John Scane, Matt Wignall, Matt Maust, David Michael Lee, Sarah Arnold, Miles Thompson and Alex Pardee

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